How can you bring more *magic alignment* to your biz, home, love or abundant flow?

Find out with this ultimate guide for creating & working with a sacred altar!

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A 7-step guide to creating and working with your sacred altar.

In this PDF you will learn the exact tools you need as well as insights on blessing, infusing, and manifesting your sacred altar. If you are ready to unleash new levels of manifestation into your life... just say yes!!

Amy Basingstoke, CCH

Amy Basingstoke is a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) and a Certified Crystal Reader (CCR) performing in-person and distant healing sessions.  She has found a deep connection to working with crystals and believes that everyone can benefit from their healing properties. She volunteers her time as a consultant with a well-known online crystal community and is a lifetime member of the World Metaphysical Association.

After a devastating attack by another dog leaving her little dog very close to death, a friend performed distant healing on him while he was recovering. Amy truly believes that this is what saved his life and she wanted to learn how to do this amazing work. It was then that her path towards her true life's purpose of being a healer began. She gave up her 6-figure business, went on a retreat for healers and then enrolled in an extensive training culminating in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer.

Amy has made a commitment to dedicate the rest of her professional life helping conscious women who are on a spiritual path connect more fully to themselves by healing physical and emotional issues so that they can live a life of wellness and abundance.